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Tailor-made email solutions specially for your clients
to increase engagement and revenue.

We build loyalty programs
for corporates

With loyalty programs we boost the engagement and revenue of our clients. We offer exclusive discounts on trips, festivals, hotels, restaurants and more.
Increase revenue
Increase engagement

Email solutions
to boost engagement

Wikimailers will discuss the campaign on scrum base, from A to Z. This is important, because we will do everything for you. Once it is set up, we will take care of it.

First we brainstorm about the loyalty programs, because we want to make the perfect fit between the clients and the deals.

When the loyalty program is ready it is necessary to boost the programs to the clients. The clients register for this exclusive deals, so they can receive the emails.

Because the deals suits perfect with the clients, the engagement of the emails will increase expotentially. The engagement will result in more revenue.

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